Overview & History


Multi-scale modeling and simulation have become major tools in the design and optimization of novel materials and their processing. It can largely save R & D cost by providing material property data in advance so as to offer new solutions for later experiment. In recent years, computational simulation and experiment have been complementing each other in the field of material research, which has promoted the development of new materials. Based on this, International Symposium on Multi-scale Modeling & Simulation of Materials was initially held by Computational Materials Science Branch of the Chinese Materials Research Society in 2005.

The aims of the annual symposium are: (1) to provide an international platform for peers abroad and at home to present recent achievements and to promote the development in the field of multi-scale modeling and simulation of materials; (2) to broaden the view of China’s researchers in multi-scale computational simulation of materials and to promote the development of computational materials science and relevant industries in China through international exchange and communication.

After years’ development, the International Symposium on Multi-scale Modeling & Simulation of Materials has become one of the most influential international conferences in the area of computational materials science. It has been successfully held for 11 times respectively at Fudan University (2008 and 2013), Tsinghua University (2009), Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMR, CAS) (2010 and 2017), Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS (2011), University of Science and Technology Beijing (2012), Institute of Solid State Physics, CAS (2014), Beihang University (2015), Dalian University of Technology (2016) and Northwestern Polytechnical University (2017). Ningbo University is selected to hold the 12th International Symposium on Multi-scale Modeling & Simulation of Materials in 2019.

Invited talks will be given by renowned scholars around the world on the development of multi-scale computational simulation methods for materials, integration of algorithms and software, and application of multi-scale computational simulation of materials. Selected by committee members, some best poster awards will be given to the young authors to encourage scientific research.
The symposium will focus on topics such as integration calculation and multi-scale simulation methods, etc. Representatives from industries and enterprises are also invited. Contributions are welcome on, but not limited to the following topics:

1. Machine learning and application in material science
2. Model and design of new energy material
3. Multi-scale simulation of microstructure reconstruction and evolution
4. Quantum simulation of many-body system
5. Simulation of soft substance and biological material
6. Synthesis of new functional material and device design
7. Simulation of Micro-nano superstructure material